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Embracing remote working — A perspective from marketing agencies

We’ve been interviewing marketing agencies that have embrace remote working. The goal was to understand the reasons as to why they have chosen this path and the challenges that they have faced.

Why choose to hire remote?

Going remote provides a lot of benefits to marketing agencies including access to the world top talent. Most of the agencies we spoke to all agree that remote working is the future. Gaining access to the top talent was one of the top reasons for many agencies hiring remotely. Take clevertouchmarketing, a content marketing agency. They’ve build a distributed team comprising of native English speaker from around the world.

The flexibility of building a distributed team was another key reason as to why marketing agencies embraced remote working. Take Animalz, a content marketing company. Although they were founded in New York, remote working has given them the flexibility to hire content writers from various backgrounds.

The challenges of hiring remote workforce

Remote hiring has provided marketing agencies with many benefits. However, they still face challenges that come with the nature of working remotely. Many agencies still face the challenge of people misrepresenting themselves online. This includes stretching the truth when it comes to credentials and work history. Many agencies has started to develop a robust interview process to filter out this issue.

The benefits of face to face meetings and bonding with the team on a daily basis has also proven to be a challenge for agencies. Although daily check-ins and video conference calls have helped to mitigate this, the human connection is still lost. To avoid this some marketing agencies organise yearly company retreats. This is where a company get all its remote workers in one place, ideally in a new city for two weeks or more. Buffer is know in the tech space for organising yearly retreats for all its remote workers. This enables employees to build bonds by getting to know each other on a human level.

Onboarding new employees was also a key challenge that marketing agencies face. Getting a new starter up to speed with how a company works, the software they use is no easy task. Many marketing agencies have started to compile content to give new starters to get them up to speed and make them feel welcomed.

We at are addressing this challenge by making it easier for remote hiring companies to create onboarding video tutorials ranging from softwares/apps a given company uses, how to guides, cyber awareness, team introduction and many more video content. The added benefit is that each video is accompanied by a quiz to ensure that the new starter truly understands the content. Hiring companies can view onboarding stats of new remote starters. aims to make the new remote worker get up to speed with the new company’s ways of working. We also enable this in a convenient and easy to use platform.

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