“How it works”

Create onboarding video content. Signup to Zimo and upload the video content to our platform.
Create questions based on the onboarding video content. Invite new remote workers to test their understanding.
Measure performance and identify areas on your onboarding improvements.
“We truly believe now is the time for remote work to become the norm. We see hundreds of thousands of qualified people come to WWR each month looking for remote work and have seen the companies that embrace it leading the way in attracting the best talent.” - Matthew Hollingsworth, the Director of Operations at We Work Remotely.
"Remote work is not a trend — it’s here to stay" - Buffer - State of Remote Work 2019
“Remote work isn't just a different way to work – it's a different way to live" - Amir Salihefendic is CEO of Doist

“Why you will love using Zimo.”


Ongoing training

Training does not stop after onboarding. Zimo enables your businesses to make training an on-going activity.

Customize your training

Zimo enables your business to create a knowledge based video content repositority for employees to leverage.


Easy to use

We have taken steps to ensure that both the creator and end user can use Zimo like a pro, through design thinking.

Knowledge transfer

Zimo make it simple for teams to transfer knowledge. From handover video content to product or process video walkthroughts.